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Changing Lives, One Child at a Time


Every year, the same core of volunteer members starts preparing for the trip in the early fall. Donations of supplies and money are obtained from hospitals, businesses and people like you. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, we keep very low administrative overhead costs, which allows us to ensure that more than 95% of all donations goes directly to patient care.

We work very closely with local partners like the Rotary Club in Latacunga, to store equipment and supplies in Ecuador. They also help us coordinate transportation and to obtain the endorsement of our missions by the local government and health ministry authorities. Finally, we do a lot of teaching. By involving local physicians, residents and medical students, we follow our patients’ post-operative progress, and we maintain the continuity of care. Working together with Ecuadorian health care providers, we have managed to help some patients’ very complex problems with multiple staged surgeries over several years, in multiple trips!

Arrival at the hospital in Latacunga, Ecuador. Preoperative screening day, where as many as 300 patients are evaluated for surgery.

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